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Giorgio Bellia

afferente al CoNISMa

Professor of Physics at the

Physics and Astronomy Department of  
Catania University

phone:    +39-095-378 5111 (operator)


Scienze Biologiche
Biology) (italian)

Scienze e Tecnologie Alimentari
Food Science and Tecnology) (italian)

Biologia Ambientale
Environmental Biology) (italian)

Biologia Ambientale
Environmental Biology) (italian)

and researcher of the

Laboratori Nazionali del Sud of
Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare

room:       220 - 2° floor
phone:    +39-095-542 580;        +39-095-542 111 (operator);
+39 335 6151977;
mail address:   giorgio.bellia@lns.infn.it

involved in:

  • cetacean sounds: perspectives for enviromental conservation
  • colour and flavour of wine : a project funded by Universitą di Catania